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TEDxMaastricht 2016

At TEDxMaastricht we believe that it is time to stop the waiting game. Our leaders will not provide the solutions that we so urgently need. The future depends on only one person and that is YOU. The small daily choices you make do have a big impact on the world. The way you consume, work, travel, love and share. Step by step we as individuals can embark on a path to reshape our future. Each and every one of us.

Experience of the TEDxYouth@Maastricht organising team

Leaving our comfort zones can be a daunting experience, laced with fear, uncertainty, and ambiguity. However, the 2016 edition of TEDxYouth@Maastricht, held on the 12th of March at Rebelle in the heart of Maastricht, aimed to tackle this formidable task, and inspire the youth of today to step “Out of Bounds”, toward a brighter and more fulfilling tomorrow.

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TEDxMaastricht 2015 exceeded the publics expectations – Are you ready for 2016?

The TED survey evaluating the TEDxMaastricht 2015 audience experience and appreciation was filled by as many as 578 of the 1,000 visitors. The score tallied up to an excellent evaluation of 8.8 out of 10. This indicates that the whole day exceeded expectations, although this does not say that there is no room for improvement for 2016. Most visitors wrote down that they had a great and inspiring day and gave excellent feedback on going even bigger.

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TEDxMaastricht 2015 moderator: Kirsten van den Hul

Kirsten van den Hul is an Eastern-Europe expert, an Arabist with a passion for change, culture, diversity and gender. Since 2007 Kirsten works as an independent ‘change-agent’ with several clients: NOS, Nike, ‘Zuidas Amsterdam’ and the Dutch Ministry for Education, Culture & Science.

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